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Kristin, can we brainstorm together here for the Sept 3 OHC Wiki Wednesday?

Goals of the Event Overall

   * Inspiration: Everyone leaves inspired by the vision of an Oregon Health Consensus (possibility of Community and Power)
   * Knowledge: Everyone leaves with some basic understanding of our intended process
         o Clear understanding of what wiki is
         o Clear understanding of what consensus is and how wiki (or wiki-plus) can lead to consensus
         o Clear understanding of how a wiki can be used to research and collect information about health
         o Clear understanding of how they can participate (share values, etc) 
   * Next Steps: Everyone leaves knowing what concrete step they will (or could) take next to contribute to this project (might be networking, working on the next consensus stage, adding to the health policy research, writing text for the web page) 

Networking Station

  • We want to obtain full name, organization or affiliation, address, email, phone from our guests
    • Should we use paper or Excel or a word processor for this part? Wiki seems too public
    • Should we have a little column for people to check "keep me informed about OHC" or is that redundant with the "response card" we already have planned?
  • We want our guests to think creatively about what groups should be represented and are not yet
    • Our next stage in the Oregon Health Consensus process is actually defining the demographic minimums (x percent black people, x percent unemployed, x percentPhDs, whatever) -- could this be part of the networking station?
    • Should we try to use a wiki page for this?
  • We want the names of individuals who represent the groups defined above.
    • Back to pen and paper for this??