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Saturday, March 26, 2010 and Sunday, March 27, 2010 at Webtrends in Portland, OR
(Wiki's 15th birthday is March 25, 2010)

Let's keep discussions on the discussion page.

Name of Conference

  • Portland WikiCamp

Goal of Portland Wiki Conference is to

  • Evangelize Wikis to a broad audience
  • Celebrate 15th anniversary of wikis & honor Ward's insight
  • Provide unconference setting for wikiphiles (technical, cultural, patterns, etc)
  • Give Portland Civic Wiki a major boost

I Will Help Organize This Event

Sign yourself up

  • David Galiel, Lead Organizer

Perfect Venues

Webtrends has now been confirmed as the site of this conference. [1]

Ideal Keynote Speakers, Panelists, other Speakers

It is valuable to have at least a keynote or two (or more, can have a keynote track) with marquee speakers who will attract an audience (including folks new to wikis) and help ensure participation in the conference. Add your suggestions below. Note: please identify specific people - we're looking for dynamic, insightful/entertaining/intriguing/exciting speakers. When we have confirmation, add "confirmed" to name. Also includes non-keynote speakers and/or panel participants.

  • Ward Cunningham (CONFIRMED)
  • Jimbo Wales
  • Michael Wesch (The Machine Is Us(ing) Us)
  • Vivek Kundra (US CIO)
  • Eugene Kim
  • Sunir Shah - editor of MeatballWiki
  • Peter Thoeny from Twikiwiki
  • Ross Mayfield
  • Peter from Dreamfish
  • Angela Beesly from Wikia
  • Pheobe
  • Matt from EditMe
  • ___ from MuppetWiki
  • David Weekly from PBworks
  • Marc Laporte from Tikiwiki
  • ___ from EditThis
  • Dave Weiner from RSS
  • Ray King from AboutUs
  • ___ from WikiSpaces
  • Folk from WikiHow

The current plan is for the event to have one scheduled track, including one or two keynote speakers each day, with several unconference sessions running in parallel.

Proposed Tracks

  • Wiki 101
  • Wikipedia Academy
  • Content creation and other planning for Portland civic wiki
  • Wiki for biz (Oregon Training Network | Open Government Initiative
  • Wiki use with Open Government Initiative [[2]]

Proposed Topics/Presentations

  • Steven Walling presentation - Wikipedia for... (journalists? educators? what version would Steven like to present?)
  • Wikis and Social Change - Panel Discussion
  • End Wikilessness (modeled on End Bloglessness)
  • Rachel Kjack from Oregon Training Network on to provide session on Wiki in the Workplace a a virtual team tool
  • Wilm Leier to provide session TBD Teresa Boze