Wiki Wednesday of January 6, 2010

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January 6, 2010 kicked off the first Wiki Wednesday of the year. What was nearly canceled due to a the absence of Ward, Ted, and Kristina turned out to actually be a fairly good-sized meeting. Mark D., Teresa B., Kotra D., Ray K., Steven W., David G., and Dave M. all came by and talked a lot about PortlandWiki, but also about the Portland wiki conference and other things. Specific topics included:

  • Additional monthly meeting... WikiWeekend?
  • How people are going to get into these meetings anyway when the building locks the doors at 5:30 and all the phone numbers on this wiki's main page either go to voice mail after 5 or belong to someone who lives in San Francisco now (we changed the numbers)
  • PortlandWiki - let it grow organically or actively work on?
  • PortlandWiki logo (see here for development and discussion)
  • PortlandWiki extensibility: blog aggregation, Twitter, RSS, YouTube, etc
  • Considering other wiki software than MediaWiki for PortlandWiki - Oddmuse, Mindtouch, etc
  • PortlandWiki hosting - currently generously hosted on Dave's own personal server, will eventually want to set up some sort of community-owned host
  • Bug on [1]
  • Portland wiki conference - planning
  • more?

The meeting ended some time after I left (please fix this sentence if you know when).