Wiki Wednesday of March 10, 2010

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Because Ignite fell on the first Wednesday of March, we decided to postpone our meeting until March 10, 2010. Unfortunately, the unusual scheduling is probably what caused the low turnout. Mark Dilley, Ward Cunningham, Kotra DeNies, and Michael from PortlandWiki were the sole attendees. We edited PortlandWiki a bit and talked about the PortlandWiki logo, and headed our separate ways. There were Voodoo Doughnuts (cold from the bike ride, sorry) but not enough people to eat them all. This would have surely been the greatest tragedy of all if kotra hadn't taken home the remainder.

It ended pretty early at about 7:30.

Monday meetings

Monday meetings are still happening in force every Monday, and are attracting more and more people (more than this Wiki Wednesday for sure). Check out PortlandWiki's PortlandWiki's page on them or browse the mailing list; we sometimes talk about them there.