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Please visit to read and sign the up-to-date version of this petition! Signatures below were added before we started using the PetitionOnline site.

Supporting material

A different perspective:

Signed by the following Portland residents

  1. Pete Forsyth, Portland Internet consultant
  2. Christen McCurdy, Portland freelance writer
  3. Heather Reddy, Southeast Portland resident & blogger
  4. Steve Libbey, Portland E-commerce developer
  5. Eva Schweber. Portland small business owner, employer, Small Business Advisory Council member, Oregonian subscriber & blogger.
  6. Rabbi David Kominsky, Rabbi, business owner, employer & blogger
  7. Paul Bingman, Portland native, business owner, consultant, writer, community organizer
  8. Kim Armstrong, Portland citizen, Master of urban planning candidate at Portland State University
  9. Hollie Teal, Grassroots activist and blogger
  10. Esteban Gutierrez, citizen residing in SE Portland
  11. Mike Sugarbaker, southeast Portland resident
  12. Jesse Wolfe, citizen residing in NE Portland
  13. Nathan Bergey, Citizen residing in SE Portland
  14. Kat Ferreira, citizen of North Portland
  15. Klint Finley, citizen of SE Portland, blogger
  16. Kathleen McDade, East Portland resident, freelance writer, blogger, educator, parent
  17. Tara Horn, citizen of SW Portland
  18. Kalina Wilson, Southeast Portland resident
  19. Kimbery Gehl, NW Portland Resident, Oregon Native, blogger, filmmaker and contributing writer for PDX Pipeline
  20. Jesse Thiessen, former opinion columnist for the Daily Vanguard and web site developer residing in SE Portland
  21. Jennifer Howell, citizen of SE Portland
  22. Kate Folsom, journalist, former opinion editor for the Daily Vanguard and resident of SW Portland
  23. Iris Gorman, College student
  24. Joseph Thiebes, citizen of SE Portland
  25. Eric Faulk, Reed College Political Science student, residing in SE Portland
  26. Heidi Hess, College Student
  27. Jemiah Jefferson, writer and editor, citizen of SE Portland
  28. Elizabeth Buckwalter, Sales for Slate Technology, citizen of SE Portland
  29. Travis Ezell, citizen of East Portland
  30. Mark Jondahl, Native Portland artist and internet personality
  31. Joe Travis, NE Portland Resident
  32. Thomas Lockney, Portland resident by preference
  33. Ben Rangel, resident, student, worker - NE Portland
  34. Chris O'Rourke, Portvangelist, small business owner & citizen of SE
  35. Zoe O'Rourke, Mother & citizen of SE Portland
  36. Nick Jacobsen - NE Portland
  37. Chloë Weatherly, college student and citizen of SE Portland
  38. Bryan White, 15 year SE Portlander; Internet Strategist
  39. Sandra Golden - citizen of SE Portland
  40. Ronald Chmara - NE Portland
  41. Rebecca Gerendasy - citizen of Portland Metro Area
  42. Eitan Tsur - citizen of Portland Metro Area, Blogger
  43. Jeremy O'Leary - citizen of Portland, Centennial neighborhood.

Please visit to read and sign the up-to-date version of this petition! Signatures here were added before we started using the PetitionOnline site.