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Dear Oregon legislator,

We're writing to request a portrait for use on your biography on Wikipedia.

As you may know, Wikipedia is a top ten website with millions of visitors every month from around Oregon and the rest of the globe. Produced by millions of volunteers, we seek to present accurate and comprehensive information on all encyclopedic topics.

WikiProject Oregon, a local group of Wikipedia editors, has been working hard over the last few years to expand coverage of everything Oregon, including the Legislature and other government-related topics. Thus far, we have articles for every Senator, and the majority of the House members. Please take a look at wikipedia:WP:ORE/GOV for links to some of our work.

We love to include photos wherever possible. However, we are very careful to respect copyright, and do not use photos without express permission. We also are committed to sharing free content, and will only use photographs that are explicitly released under a certain set of licenses.

So in order to put a photo of you on Wikipedia, we request that you submit one as follows.

Specific instructions:

  • Send an email to: photosubmission -- at -- wikimedia.org
  • Attach your photo

In that email, you must explicitly state:

  • I own the copyright on the photo. (Please specify whether you took the photo yourself, or it was a work for hire, or someone legally transferred their copyright to you.)
  • I release the photo under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license. I am aware that this license will allow the photo to be freely copied and modified by anyone (including third parties not affiliated with Wikipedia), for any purpose. (There are other acceptable licenses, but all share these basic attributes.) See here and here for more information.)

Bear in mind that we cannot guarantee we will use your photo.

If you find that you want to edit your biography, please familiarize yourself with our conflict of interest guideline. The most important suggestion is that you disclose any possible conflict of interest you may have on the article's "discussion" page (click on the "discussion" tab in any article to find its discussion page). There are a number of other policies and guidelines, but don't feel compelled to read them all before wading in; as long as you're open to feedback from more experienced editors, we're generally a pretty understanding bunch.

In the unfortunate event that you find factually incorrect or defamatory information, your best recourse is to report it at the BLP noticeboard. You will find volunteers who are happy to assist you through the sometimes daunting task of wiki editing.

Finally, please be aware that this message is a bit of experiment; in the event that many legislators respond, it may be a little difficult for Oregon's community of editors to respond to all submissions in a timely manner. Please have patience!

(above from here)

Further questions? There's a wealth of information at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:LICENSE

Feel free to reply directly to this email (Pete Forsyth), or more generally to Oregon's wiki community at the mailing list pdxwiki --at -- google groups.

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