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Here's a page on the AboutUs web site where most of the work to date on the Oregon Health Consensus has taken place.

Wednesday September 3, 2008


TASKS: We need help with the following -- sign up below!

  • Invitation ... done
  • Number stations ... with flags or signs for each station -- Shelley and Angela caring for this
  • Food and drinks ... Dave will ask some raw foodists, Shelley (neighbor with truffles), Shirley will help set up food that Shelley brings
  • Stickers and "dance card" -- Shelley and Angela caring for this
  • Buttons or t-shirts for each "host/hostess" to wear -- too hard, will just provide special nametags to clearly identify SME (Subject Matter Experts) :)
  • AboutUs building door unlocked 5 pm to 9 pm, Wed, Sept 3 -- Brandon will address this
  • Someone to "person" the nametag table and greet people -- Ward and Mark
  • Someone to "person" the values table -- Ray
  • Signs to direct traffic -- John
  • Sandwich boards outside both doors -- Brandon
  • Balloons for sandwich boards -- Shelley

PLANNING: Please attend the pre-wiki-wednesday meeting at Shelley and Brandon's house: Tues, Aug 26, 7-9 pm. 1824 SE Oak St Portland OR 97214. You'll hear about the following:

  • All Wiki people will have special nametags so visitors know who to ask for help.
  • Many of our guests have RSVP'd. We will pre-print their tags with their name and organization. Those who don't RSVP will receive handwritten tags when they arrive. (Or Ray could we print them on the spot w/ the AboutUs printer??)
  • After the intro, guests will receive a "dance card" and a "response card". Each station will have a sticker to place on the dance card.
  • Angela and Shelley will prepare and mount signs above each station.

Schedule of the Event

  • 5:30 - People arrive, networking, stations
  • 6:30 - Introduction
  • 7:00 - Stations
  • 8:30 - Wrap Up: Next Steps

Goals of the Event

(Brainstorming so far - comments welcome!)

  • Inspiration: Everyone leaves inspired by the vision of an Oregon Health Consensus (possibility of Community and Power)
  • Knowledge: Everyone leaves with some basic understanding of our intended process
    • Clear understanding of what wiki is
    • Clear understanding of what consensus is and how wiki (or wiki-plus) can lead to consensus
    • Clear understanding of how a wiki can be used to research and collect information about health
    • Clear understanding of how they can participate (share values, etc)
  • Next Steps: Everyone leaves knowing what concrete step they will (or could) take next to contribute to this project (might be networking, working on the next consensus stage, adding to the health policy research, writing text for the web page)

Measurable Outcomes

  • 40 Oregonians sign up to participate in the next consensus stage
  • 100 Oregonians turn in a card saying what their next step will be (??)


All participants will receive a pre-printed card with a short description of each station and a spot to hold a sticker. They can then choose to visit as many or as few stations as they like, collecting stickers as they go. This format should give the participants "something to do", facilitate networking, and keep the evening interactive and focused on the needs of the individual.

Themes across all stations to be determined soon -- stay tuned.

Who to Invite: Goal 100 Attendees, so 150+ Invitations

Goal is to invite people who represent different groups of Oregonians. Ideally the people would be "nodes" with good connections to their network. It's more important to invite people who are likely to engage than to invite the "chair" of an organization, though both are great. It's also OK to invite "regular" citizens without a particular affiliation.

Personal Invitations

Inviter Invitee Invitation Delivered Yes/No/Maybe
Mark Dilley / Dave Myers Someone from KBOO Briefly met with Jo Ann B. Follow-up scheduled. August 27th Update: Met with Cassandra G., Jo Ann B. and Betsy D. at Oregon Action office. Invited each; Betsy plans to attend. Maybe
Mark Dilley Someone from Jobs With Justice
Brandon Sanders Joseph M, Our Neighbor
Shelley Schoepflin Sanders Sarah R, Bob G (ACP), Nancy L., Chuck K. (OBHI), Matt W. (Archimedes Movement), Melissa of vegan truffles, Rachael from AFL-CIO,Brigid (OR Naturopathic School) 8/12, 8/14 This list has said YES
Shelley Schoepflin Sanders Matt W and his chiropractor colleagues, DMFP, Miles H, Steph, Beth, Bonnie, some neighbors, UU Women's Group, , Rachael's sister from Jobs with Justice, Louise H. and Priscilla L. from Providence, Rick R. and Liz (Archimedes Movement), Celeste and Susan (midwives), Isaac H. 8/14/08 This list is invited but no RSVP
Shelley Schoepflin Sanders Curt H, Virginia Garcia, neighbors, Hood to Coast Need to issue invitation
Jerry Schoepflin Carl P, Don H
Kristin WellPartners, West Wing Wednesday Group, Wyden Staffers
Scott Farm Education, local food no luck with farm educators/local food providers - but am bringing pharmaceutical rep as guest
Pete Ron W, Mitch G, Alan B, Ben C
Dylan Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Smith Staffers, Farm Bureau Stan B
Ted Ernst Rachel S
Angela Beane (insert name here)
Sarah Rahkola (insert name here)
Dave Myers Raw Food Folks: Thomas C., Gabrielle C. Informal invite emailed.

Groups to Include (can anyone sign up to issue these invitations?)

  • Migrant workers - Virginia Garcia clinic?
  • Chair of minority party in Senate
  • Ruby group?
  • Children
  • AARP

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