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In establishing the Portland civic wiki, let's be mindful of some of the issues that have caused difficulty with other wiki communities, and establish a clear, but not overly proscriptive, set of preliminary ground rules for the wiki.

Some thoughts

  • How to determine who can become a sysop/administrator? How will we revoke those privileges if they are abused?
  • How to establish and hold to mission of wiki?
  • How to determine what can or can't be included?
    • Suggestion: Be as liberal as reasonably possible in what is included; hold to mission by structure and design of main page and other navigation pages, rather than by trying to exclude content. If somebody wants to write pages on basket weaving, or parks in Salem, let them do it!
    • Suggestion: per a discussion on Talk:Portland civic wiki, perhaps we should exclude (at least in the early days) articles on specific living people (concern is defamation)
  • Policy and/or recommendation on real names, anonymity, etc.