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Looking for PortlandWiki, the civic wiki for Portland, spawned by Portland WikiWednesday? Find us at PortlandWiki.org

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Wiki Wednesdays are events for people interested and excited about Wiki software and the communities that use it. People get together to chat, learn about wikis, find jobs, talk deals and generally cavort. Wiki Wednesdays in Portland, Oregon are generally held the first Wednesday of each month. Everyone, from the expert to the merely curious, are welcome.


Upcoming Wiki Wednesdays

  • Next Meetup: This coming Wednesday! Every Wednesday! @ 7:00-ish p.m. (or thereabouts).

Lucky Lab Brew Pub: 915 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, OR 97214.

Come join us in Portland, the birthplace of wikis!

PortlandWiki planning and development can now be found at the wiki itself.


Or just come to a meeting:

Every Wednesday at one of these fine venues:
To be announced.: (See suggested venue choices below.)


Ace Hotel: 1022 SW Stark Street, between SW 10th & SW 11th Avenues. Look for us upstairs in the mezzanine.


The MEZZ Espresso Bar: Located on the mezzanine of Whole Foods Market in Portland's Pearl District. Entrance on NW 12th Ave & W Burnside, or through the market at NW 12th Ave & NW Couch Street.


Green Dragon Bistro and Brewpub | Yelp | Facebook | 928 SE 9th Avenue | Portland, OR 97214


Red and Black Cafe: Located in Portland's Buckman Neighborhood at SE 12th Avenue and SE Oak Street.


Check the mailing list to be 100% sure you're at the right place!

PLEASE NOTE: Before scheduling any future meetups at Backspace Cafe, please call to ensure that any special events that may preclude geek meetups are not happening that particular evening. Simply checking the website is not reliable.

If you're not located near Portland, there are several other Wiki Wednesdays around the globe you can attend.

Venue Updates

Please see the additional venue requests list below.

We're taking WikiWednesday meetup space suggestions! Please give us your input.


Mark Dilley informs us that a number of folks have requested that we hold our weekly meetings at one or another of each of the following locations:

AboutUs | 107 SE Washington Street, Suite 520 | Portland, Oregon 97214
The MEZZ Espresso Bar | NW 12th Ave & W Burnside Street | Portland, OR 97209
Ace Hotel | 1022 SW Stark Street | Portland, OR 97205
Backspace Cafe | 115 Northwest 5th Avenue | Portland, OR 97209
(NOTE: Email the helpful Backspace support folks at support [at] backspace [dot] bz to ask if venue is available before scheduling a meetup there. Event calendar on website is not reliable.)
Meyer Memorial Trust | 425 NW 10th Avenue, Suite 400 | Portland, OR 97209
Looks like MMT ain't gonna happen.
Blitz Pearl | 110 Northwest 10th Avenue Portland | OR 97209
Blitz Pearl no longer viable venue: loud televisions.

Maybe on months with a 5th Wednesday, we can pick a lucky venue in a random drawing. Just a thought.

Additional Ideas for Venues

- Teresa Boze

GreenDragon Pub and Bistro | 928 SE 9th Ave | Portland, OR 97214
Don't be daunted by the purported noise level in the reviews. There is a room that is dinning oriented on the south side of the building. It has bench, table and a bay window view seating of the brewery. This room would suit us any week day evening. Families go in and out all evening with children. There are high chairs, games and chalk. WiFi is Personnel Telco and reliable. Adequate wall plugs. Beer and Blog has met there for three years; the website has a picture of the space.
The PDX11 Knowledge Network group is working on the needs for space for all the "hacker" community groups.
It could behoove us to make contact for our needs, as one of the outcomes ePDX has included WikiWednesday as an acknowledged tech | geek | hack community. Take note that Friday, April 1, 2011 at the PDX11 Hackathon and Unconference Portland State University | 1930 SW Fourth Avenue | Portland, OR 97201, there is a Hackathon WikiWednesday might want to be part of as it blends well with the current needs work on the Portland wiki.

Even More Venue Ideas

Upright Brewing | 240 North Broadway, Suite 2 | Portland, OR 97232 | (503) 735-5337 | [www.uprightbrewing.com www.uprightbrewing.com]
It's possible they're only open Friday, Saturday, Sunday. We'll have to check. Also may restrict minors from coming inside.
The Oregon Bus Project's conference room (if it's still within a couple of blocks of the AboutUs offices).

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