Wiki Wednesday of August 5, 2009

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(left to right) Dave Myers, Pete Forsyth, Mark Dilley, and Kotra DeNies acting extremely natural in front of notes for a Portland civic wiki.
The same, except Dave Myers has turned into Kristin Wolff.

The Wiki Wednesday of August 5th, 2009 was larger and productive, full of plans for future projects. 12 people attended: Pete F., Kristin W., Mark D., Steven W., Kotra D., Geoff B., Dave M., Ray K., Teresa B., John W., Ward C., and David G.

We discussed two major projects:

We also talked about:

  • a new skin for this wiki
  • possibly having these meetings at a library
  • possibly having wiki weekends from time to time

We watched the Intellipedia video and admired the result of our tax dollars.

Several pretzels, chips, and cookies were slaughtered mercilessly.