Wiki Wednesday of February 3, 2010

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The Wiki Wednesday of February 3, 2010 was quick but useful. Jeff (wikipedia:User:Llywrch), Michael (from PortlandWiki), Mark Dilley, Kotra DeNies, Melissa Chavez (from the Portland Alliance), Ray King, Dave Myers, Ward Cunningham, Steven Walling, and Michael Andersen (wikipedia:User:andersem, of Portland Afoot) came by, most fairly briefly. We talked mainly about PortlandWiki and about how to restart The Portland Alliance's wiki. This would be a publicly-visible wiki used to collaboratively draft and edit articles in The Portland Alliance prior to publication, but in the meantime, testing may be taking place on dedicated pages on PortlandWiki like [1].

Most who attended were pretty busy and could only come by for a short time, so the meeting (probably?) ended around 7:15.

Monday meeting

Mark Dilley and Dave Myers have been meeting up to collaborate on PortlandWiki lately, and all are encouraged to come by during these casual sessions. There is no strict schedule, but they will probably happen on Mondays from 6:30-8:00 at Backspace (NW 5th & Couch).