Wiki Wednesday of June 3, 2009

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The Wiki Wednesday of June 3rd, 2009 was small and casual. The AboutUs offices hosted about a dozen of us.

This dozen sat around a table or two and chatted about stuff. The main topics covered were:

  • project infrastructure
  • social media
  • citizen journalism
  • new media
  • Google Wave (and the exorbitant length of its presentation video)
  • Steven Walling's presentation last month
  • organizing Wiki Wednesday video podcasts
  • Portland Wiki Wednesday wiki interface design

The discussion focused mainly on how to capture such successes as last month's presentation into a form that would build prestige for our humble monthly meeting, and/or for Steven himself. Steven was not actually present for most of the meeting, which made it that much more fun to conspire how to gain him prestige. It was like secretly plotting the destruction of someone's career and reputation, except in reverse.

We also discussed how to utilize our existing resources (Portland Wiki Wednesday wiki, Wikiproject Oregon blog, Portland Wiki Wednesday mailing list, pdxwikiwed Twitter, etc).

Then we played go and ping pong.


  • Abraham is putting together a conference to discuss technology and the future of journalism in August.