Wiki Wednesday of November 4th, 2009

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The Wiki Wednesday of November 4th, 2009 was casual and unstructured, which was not entirely intentional. The suggestion originally was to have a "work party" where all would put their noses to their notebooks and laptops and start creating content for PortlandWiki. That did not end up happening; instead the Wiki Wednesday regulars (and a couple new faces) had lively discussions about various topics, perused online media, and consumed snacks.

A primary topic of discussion was Pete's impending doom new job at the Wikimedia Foundation. Also discussed were the social structures of Wikipedia and Wikimedia, the current placeholder logo for PortlandWiki, and the purpose of PortlandWiki (these are only a few of the multiple conversations that were taking place simultaneously; further additions are welcome). There was also a Google Wave demo for those who hadn't had a chance to play with it yet.

The Wiki Wednesday ended roughly around 8pm.

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