Wiki Wednesday of October 7th, 2009

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Meeting Notes

  • Review from Wiki Wednesday of September 2, 2009
    • Next steps? A good list of issues here already.
    • Teresa talked about a strategy for each section of the city and what we need to do to get participation from a broad swath of the community.
    • The idea was brought up by several people of mentoring and teaching others to use by introducing it to their communities incrementally.
    • Can we establish a mission statement for as a "why" for us and others?
    • How much time do each of us need to commit each month to keep it going?
  • The wiki conference
    • Report from David G: talking to Aaron Hockley about WordCamp, asking from RCC
    • Financials i.e. sponsors
    • Speakers
    • March 27th-28th still a good time?
    • How many people do we want to attend? 100? 300? 1,000+?