Wiki Wednesday of September 2, 2009

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The Wiki Wednesday of September 2nd, 2009 was energetic and productive, building on the plans begun in the last meeting. 11 people attended: Pete F., Mark D., Steven W., Kotra D., Dave M., Teresa B., Ward C., Ian O., David G., and newcomers Oliver Ortiz (of and Ted (User:Tedder of Wikipedia).

We continued our discussion and planning of two major projects:

Most of the meeting was consumed with planning for the Portland Wiki. Needs were identified, ideas were explored, and (perhaps most importantly) everyone took on a task or two to try to complete by the next meeting. Next meeting we are hoping to bring laptops and have a fun "working" session to create some good, brand-new content for this new wiki.

During the latter part of the meeting, there was planning for the Portland wiki conference (tentatively, or formerly, named RecentChangesCamp). This planning shared the same method (and white board, which Pete likes to call the "wiki on wheels") as the planning for the Portland Wiki, and several of us volunteered to take on tasks for it as well. One interesting intersection between these two projects is an idea (Ward's?) to have a large-scale, guided editing session where conference attendees would, individually or in groups, build content to the Portland Wiki, creating entries for anything from coffee shops to local nonprofits to payphones.

We also talked about:

  • Oliver's venture,, and how online calendar systems could intersect with, or be, wikis (Please sign up for a free demo account and if you have any questions you can call me at 503.803.6910 or -Oliver)
  •  ?

Donuts from Voodoo Doughnut, potato chips, cheetos, pretzels, soda, beer, and cookies were all consumed. Because we hate our bodies.


WhiteBoard Dump

Wiki on Wheels (transcribed and wikified to the left)
  • Overall goal: Create a wiki-based useful resource about PDX
  • Goal for Oct. 7 WW: Do some serious rollout of Portland wiki, and plan for:
  • Goal for Nov 4 WW: Bring in 100 people to contribute content to
  • Tonight: each of us commits to the following by October WikiWednesday Meeting:
name commitment
David M Post offices
Mark D PDX unions; do local wiki index--> Teresa, talk to Ray
Oliver contribute data on various things from his biz to seed pages/contribute notes
Kotra design a logo, licensing
Tedder PDX schools
Ian article ideas page
Teresa promotion (where/who/how?) proto mktg
David G integrate with conf., transcribe these notes
Ward C reach out to Dorkbot for electronics
Steven dictate structure of events
Pete reach out to 5-10 specific ppl to work on it, talk to Skip N., blog about it
Moved list of possible topics to Talk:Portland wiki#List from September WW -Pete Forsyth 17:27, 5 September 2009 (UTC)