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Feature Requests List

Please add any thoughts about how we should change the technology or social practices on

  1. HotCat gadget. A well-structured wiki is easier for both newcomers and experienced users to explore. The HotCat gadget (an add-on to Mediawiki) makes it far easier to add categories to pages. Without HotCat, categorization is an advanced task, that only experienced users will wind up doing; with HotCat, it will be easy to train beginning or intermediate members of the community to categorize pages, as well. This will help people promote their projects and also become Wiki gardeners. -Pete F
  2. Turn off "nofollow" so that external links are crawled by search engine spiders. This may or may not be a good idea, but the upside is that people promoting their off-wiki work will get better SEO performance by being wiki-active Dreamfish network members. Could become a significant value-add for network membership. -Pete F
  3. Search ahead. On Wikipedia, a recently-implemented feature auto-completes text as you type into the "search" field. This makes it a lot easier for newcomers, especially, to find useful information. Not sure what technology supports the feature. -Pete F
  4. Welcome message: It's nice to have a Template you can use to welcome new users when they show up, which will give them some tips on how to learn about the wiki and how it's used. -Pete F
  5. Implement forms. makes good use of an extension that enables form-based editing. This could be fun to play with, and/or useful. -Pete F.