Wiki Wednesday of May 5, 2010

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"there's nothing more satisfying than a good name." -Perry Wagle

On May's WikiWednesday we heard John Abbe, a key designer of the structured wiki Wagn (, talk about the importance of naming in your community. Cited by Joshua Schachter as clarifying his thoughts in developing, John covered concepts of ontology useful for all participatory online spaces, not just wikis.

John reviewed the history and background of the WikiNames concept (, and the further space for creating meaning opened up by Wagn's "plus cards". The discussion moved to exploring Wagn's "wagneering" infrastructure more than once, as well as topics like namespaces, CamelCase (AKA WikiCase), and name conflicts in Wagn.

As always, this WikiWednesday was free and open to everyone, experienced wiki walker or beginner. Participants included Ward Cunningham, kotra DeNies, Mark Dilley, Don Parks, Max Ogdin, BJ Clark, Perry Wagle, Michael Anderson, Steven Walling, Jeff Burling, and Brandon Sanders.

After the discussion, a few of us stuck around a bit longer to talk about Wagn, CamelCase, MediaWiki, and other stuff. Perry said something that we thought was pretty quotable so there it is at the top of this page.